Visualize Success

Visualize success while submitting résumés

Let’s say you are visiting the website of one of your targeted employers and you see a great job opportunity that interests you. First, visualize the type of individual that the company would want to hire for that position. Then, make sure your résumé and cover letter are tailored towards that individual. Next, before you send that résumé, visualize the response you will get.

Close your eyes. Imagine getting an e-mail back from the company asking you for either a phone interview or an in-person interview. If it is a local company, visualize getting an in-person interview. If it is a remote company, visualize the company wanting to conduct an initial phone interview.

Imagine, visualize, and bring to life the results you want to achieve.

Visualize success prior to your phone interviews

Before your interview, close your eyes. Imagine the type of person that will be interviewing you. Imagine what that person will look and sound like.

Maybe you can go on or and actually see a photo of this person to help your visualization. Then, think about the types of questions you are going to be asked, and how you will confidently answer those questions to close the deal.

Most importantly, visualize and imagine at the end of the phone conversation, the interviewer saying:

“I greatly enjoyed our interview. I am going to recommend that the company fly you out to corporate to continue the interviewing process.”

Visualize success before your in-person interviews

One of the most powerful and rewarding exercises you can do, before going into an in-person interview, is to close your eyes and imagine the end of the interview. Imagine the interviewer reaching out across the desk to shake your hand. Imagine the interviewer then saying something like, “You are exactly the candidate we want for this position. I'm going to get together with HR to summarize our interview today. We will send out a job offer in the next few days. I am looking forward to working with you.”

Imagine the power behind visualizing success right before you go into the interview. It will give you tremendous confidence in your ability to achieve your desired result.

Before you go on any in-person interview, ideally, in the moments before you leave the car to walk into the interview, close your eyes and imagine the success you are about to achieve. Once again, when you can visualize success, you can achieve it!

Visualize success throughout your job search

Searching for a job can present many challenges and speed bumps along the way. Keep your head up, and your confidence strong. Visualize success, even in the face of rejection. Focus on a positive future full of joy and prosperity. Focus on a wonderful future of working for a great employer where you truly enjoy what you are doing. Focus on a future where you are thriving and enjoying great success. Focus on happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

Yes, you can find great joy and happiness in your career. But, before you can achieve it you must first visualize it and believe you can do it.

Remember, when you visualize success you achieve it. Try it right now. Close your eyes and visualize success. Feel the power. Feel the excitement. Actualize your dreams!

Yes, you can do it!

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