Your Instructor is an author, radio host, and has been featured nationally on TV and in the News!

Each week Todd Bermont, Founder of TCC Learning LLC, and The Perfect Job Search™ discussed key topics related to job search and career advancement.
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Your Instructor, Todd Bermont has been featured in the news across the USA and as far away as Poland!

FOX TV-26 Houston (Video)

ABC TV News (Video)
The Egalitarian (Magazine)
Computer America Radio Program Interviews Todd Bermont (Podcast)
JVS The Age Advantage - Live Speaking Event (Video)
TVN-24 Poland (Video) | WCCO TV - Minneapolis (Video)
Orange County Register | CNN Money
Money Matters TV Program (Video) | Keeping the Faith | Business First (Louisville)

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Todd Bermont, founder of TCC Learning LLC is proud to have won the HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition with his innovative program, The PERFECT Job Search!


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